The daughter of Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine, Nancee Borgnine has grown up in the exciting world of motion pictures and television.  Starting out as an actor’s agent managing the careers of over 150 performers, Nancee soon spread her wings to work as a film producer, casting director and production manager.   During her years in production, Nancee branched out and created a beverage – “Borgnine’s Coffee Soda” – which quickly found its way to the shelves of retail outlets around the globe.  It was in the manufacture and production of her product that Nancee entered the world of public relations and marketing – singlehandedly managing all aspects of bringing her product to the public.  “Borgnine’s Coffee Soda” became a tremendous success and became one of the Top 10 selling products in the Sony Stores in Japan!

For the past decade, Nancee has utilized her extensive background as a entrepreneur and Hollywood insider to produce special events and celebrity-gifting suites that enable companies of all sizes to put their products into the hands of today’s hottest stars.  With deep industry connections and personal relationships with celebrities, Nancee has the experience and connections to get your product noticed.